Refreshing Cleansing Oil - Japanese Yuzu Fragrance 50ML


For those who are concerned about sagging pores. Yuzu extract moisturizes and improves texture. Japanese yuzu" to liberate your mind.

Sometimes uplifting, sometimes calming,
Aroma's approach to feelings and moods. Because it is a naturally derived aroma, it resonates directly with the senses.
Yuzu Japan uses yuzu grown in Kochi Prefecture. The warm citrus aroma envelops you,
The warm citrus aroma will help you relax at the end of the day. Yuzu ceramide, yuzu seeds, candlenut, neroli, orange, etc,
Yuzu ceramide, yuzu seeds, candlenut, neroli, orange, and many other botanical ingredients that gently care for the skin.

-Directions for use
Take an appropriate amount in your hand, spread it over your face, massage it in, lift out foundation and other dirt, and then rinse with lukewarm water or water.

-7 free specials for your skin.

3.Benzoic acid-free
4.Mineral Oil Free
5.Paraben Free
6.Silicone Free
7.Synthetic colorant-free, synthetic fragrance-free

-Product concept
Nursery is a professional cleansing brand born in an esthetic salon.
 Cleansing is the first step in skin care.
Even the best lotion or serum will not be effective unless it first prepares the skin.
 And cleansing is not just about removing dirt from the skin,
It is not just about cleansing the skin, but also about moisturizing the skin while enjoying the fragrance with the sense of smell and the color with the sense of sight.
 We developed these products with the idea of offering a skincare experience that satisfies all five senses, relaxing the skin and the mind,
NURSERY's skincare products were developed with this in mind.
 We personally visit the nursery to find the natural aromas and botanical origin of the products,
We use an abundance of natural aromas and plant-derived beauty ingredients carefully selected through personal visits.
 Beauty begins with cleansing.
This is the philosophy of NURSERY's skincare products.

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