[Nursery] is also a very beautiful word that nurtures the growth and life of plants. The word also means a cultivating seedling and a nursing room. Nursery wants to be such a exist that nurtures beauty for everyone. "Nursery" is a cleansing product that does not use artificial fragrances or colorings with selected domestic ingredients and natural essential oils. Nursery is pioneer of cleansing beauty which is loved all over the world.


A leading company that leads cleansing beauty

Nursery was born in 2008 by Ikuyo Kasuga, the founder and CEO who has a career at a major beauty salon. It's not just cleansing to remove stains on the skin, but it also moisturizes while enjoying the scent with the sense of smell and the color with the sight. Nursery's skin care product was developed with the desire to propose skin care time that satisfies the five senses that relax the skin and mind.
In 2014, the flagship store Kyoto Main Store opened. Incorporating the idea of aromatherapy and using selected natural essential oils, we have developed a number of products. Cleansing gels and balms using domestic yuzu, which are loved by women all over the world.


“Comfortable skin care starting from cleansing"

To women living in this extremely busy modern society.
We want more women to realize the suggestion from Nursery that "Beauty starts from cleansing".
No matter how great a lotion or serum you use, it won't work unless your skin is ready. The origin point of skin care is cleansing. We will continue to propose products for busy women that allow you to feel skin care time as a daily pleasure time. We believe that the women who enjoy cleansing time, her skin will become fresh and brilliant.


Gentle skin care time
Artificial fragrances or colorings free skin care

We repeated trial production many times with the idea of "cleansing that not only removes makeup and skin stains, but also has skin care effects and maximizes the power of the cosmetics ."
Nursery Cleansing Gel was born in pursuit of ideal cleansing for salons.
A cleansing balm that also contains hyaluronic acid and collagen was also born as one Nursery series, and the cumulative sales of the series exceeded 20 million units.


Japanese material products are loved in 15 nations.

Under the idea of "Japanese Beauty to the World", The local corporation in UAE / Dubai is established in 2015. Spreading the advantage of Japanese manufacturing technology and Japanese product in 15 nations around Dubai.
In addition, a local corporation also established in Shanghai, China in 2019. In the uninterruptedly growing Asian market, under the cognition of "Cleaning is Nursery", the product is loved by customers.